Visitor Analysis and Persona - Ben Leavitt


Visitor Analysis

Who is visiting the site?

  • Age: 17-67
  • High School Education or above
  • Income of $30,000 and up
  • Either single or married with kids
  • Users are creatives who are professionals in their field or aspire to be professionals.
  • Students of learning who want free education from anywhere in the world

What is the visitor doing when he/she visits the site?

The visitor is visiting the site to view live video feeds of educational workshops. The user can also purchase video content to watch on demand and logs in to their own account to access their purchased content.

What actions or content is the visitor wanting?

The visitor wants to know what classes are currently being broadcast live to see if they are interested enough to watch them at the time they are playing. The user also wants to know what past broadcasts are available for purchase and what those classes are all about. The user wants to have access to their past purchases in order to view them on demand. The user would also like to share content deals with friends when they find a course they really like.

Where is the visitor located?

The visitor can be anywhere in the world with a good internet connection. Normally they will be using th website when they have time to sit down by themselves and learn on their own time.Sometimes they will look at the content during work as well in order refresh their memory on concepts they need to remember.

When is the site being visited?

The bulk of visits will be during the day time when the broadcasts are live. For recorded broadcasts the user may access them any time, whether they are listening to courses as they drive to work, or during their work day or even as they are trying to fall asleep with their phone at their bedside.

How are users accessing the site?

Users are accessing the site via their mobile phones, laptops, desktops and possibly tablets. The internet connection needs to be fast enough to receive video footage though, so not from a public restaurant wifi connection. Cable internet connections or through a hoem or business wifi are best.


Persona: Struggling Professional Portrait Photographer

Name: Annie L.
Job Title: Head Photographer / Studio Owner


Environment: She knows how to use a computer and a smart phone quite well and considers herself an intermediate computer user. she has a cable internet connection from home which she uses for all her work. She uses the web approximately 3 hours a day and is in front of her computer for 7 hours.

Quote: Where did I put that memory card full of wedding photos? Did I erase it by accident?