Planning Document - Ben Leavitt

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this website is to allow anyone with a smart device or desktop to plan their outdoor activities by checking what the weather will be like later in the day, week, or month. They will need to know statistics such as estimated highs and lows for the day, wind conditions, and precipitation. They should be able to search whatever location they'd like regadless of where they are currently located.

Visitor Analysis

Who is visiting the site?

  • Age: 17-99
  • Middle School Education or above
  • People who own a smart phone
  • Users are men and women who need to know future weather for planning outdoor events
  • Those who plan outdoor activities for personal and business purposes

What is the visitor doing when he/she visits the site?

The visitor is visiting the site to determine if their future outdoor plans will work with the weather

What actions or content is the visitor wanting?

The visitor wants to know what weather will be like in specific zip codes at certain hours of certain days including the present day, and any day up to 30 days into the future. The weather details needed include the high and low temperature estimates, wind speed, wind direction, and chance of precipitation.

Where is the visitor located?

The visitor can be anywhere in the world with a good internet connection. This includes wireless 3G and 4G LTE connections. Usually they will access the website content when making plans for future outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, photo shoots, underwater basket weaving, etc.

When is the site being visited?

The bulk of visits will be during the day time when planning daily activities. Evening and Fridays are likely to be especially busy as well.

How are users accessing the site?

Users are accessing the site via their mobile phones, laptops, desktops and possibly tablets.


Persona: Outdoorsey Seattle Hipster

Beckett Wiffleman

Name: Beckett Wiffleman
Job Title: Artist / Between Jobs


Environment: He knows how to use a computer and a smart phone quite well and considers himself an intermediate computer user. He has a cable internet connection from his parent's home which he uses for all his art projects. He uses the web approximately 8 hours a day and is looking at his phone approximately 8 of those hours.

Quote: "I wonder if it's going to rain this weekend or not so we can get our camping game on."


Browser Sketch:

browser wireframe design

iPad Sketch:

iPad wireframe design

iPhone Sketch:

iPhone wireframe design

Peer Review

Peer Reviewer: Jonathan Basham
Feedback: "No other file but the JSON file. The rest of the information is just made up to the way you want it to look. The assignment just said to focus on the first 8 for now...You can just create page that will showcase those areas. Pay attention to the amount of information that is included for each attribute and sketch it out the appropriate size.
This is the note the instructions say about this...
"We will not use all of the information at first. In fact, I encourage you to start out with only the first eight items: City through Summary. Leave the Longitude, Latitude, Zip, and hourly information out for now."
You can look at my site as an example of the finish product."